Oracle Binaries

coraenv Oraenv command for Cshell
dbca Database Creation Assistant
dbfmig Datafile Migrator
dbfsize Datafile Size
dbhome Displays Oracle$HOME
dbshut Shuts down Oracle
dbstart Starts Oracle
dbua Database Upgrade Assistant
echodo Echo command and print it
helpins Install SQLPlus help system
isqlplus Browser based SQL*Plus interface
mig Migrate
migprep Migrate Prepare
modada SQL Module command
nid Set new database ID
oracle Oracle executable
oraenv Manages environment
orapwd Manages passwords
oratclsh TCL Shell
osh Called from oraenv
relink Relink exeutables
symfind Symbolic find


lsnrctl Listener Control Utility
tnsping TNS Ping Utility
trcroute Trace Route Utility
tnslsnr TNS Listener
tns2nis NIS External Naming Utility
kgmgr Net Configuration Assistant.
runInstaller Net Configuration Assistant
lxchknlb Net Configuration Assistant
netca Net Configuration Assistant Java application.
netmgr Net Assistant Java Application
adapters Find which protocol adapters, security products and naming adapters are installed and echo results to STDOUT.
gennttab Generate list of SQLNet protocol adapters -Output written to ntcontab.s


oidctl Starts and stops Directory Server or Directory Replication Server
oidmon Starts and stops OID Monitor.
oidadmin Starts and stops Oracle Directory Manager.
oidpasswd OID
odisrv Starts and stops Oracle Directory Integration Server.
ldapadd Command-line binary to add entries, their object classes, attributes, and values to the directory.
ldapaddmt Command-line binary to add entries, their object classes, attributes, and values to the directory. Supports multiple threads for adding entries concurrently.
ldapbind Command-line binary used to verify whether a client can be authenticated to a server.
ldapcompare Command-line binary used to match attribute specified values in command line with the attribute values in the directory entry.
ldapdelete Command-line binary to remove entries from the directory.
ldapmoddn Command-line binary to modify the DN or RDN of an entry.
ldapmodify Command-line binary used to act on attributes.
ldapmodifymt Command-line binary used modify several entries concurrently.
ldapsearch Command-line binary used to search for and retrieve specific entries in the directory.

passwdconvert Converts passwords for LDAP migration?
umu User Migration Utility – used for bulk migration of database users to enterprise users.
bulkmodify OID bulk modify
ldifmigrator OID Migration Tool – Use to migrate data from application-specific repositories into OID
ldifwrite OID – Converts to LDIF all or part of the information residing in an OID.
odisrvreg Oracle Directory Integration Server registration tool.
oidldapd OID – LDAP dispatcher.
oidprovtool Provisioning Subscription Tool – Use to administer provisioning profile entries in the directory.
oidreconcile OID Reconciliation Tool – Use to synchronize the entries on the consumer with those on the supplier.
oidrepld OID replication server.
schemasync synchronize schema elements between an OID server and third-party LDAP directories.

Oracle Names

namesctl Oracle Names Control Utility
onrsd Oracle Names Client Cache

Intellegent Agent

agentctl Intellegent Agent Control Utility
dbsnmp Intelligent Agent – Logs all Intelligent Agent processes
dbsnmpj Intelligent Agent Job Processor. Logs all jobs processed by the Intelligent Agent
dbsnmpwd Watchdog script that is responsible for automatically restarting the Intelligent Agent if the Agent goes down
nmu7q28 Oracle Intelligent Agent
nmumigr8 Oracle Data Gatherer
nmudg Oracle Intelligent Agent
oemevent Used to raise unsolicited external events and notify the Intelligent Agent


oemapp Oracle Enterprise Manager
oemctl Oracle Management Server
oemLaunchOms Oracle Management Server
emca Enterprise Manager Configuration Assistant
ela Enterprise Login Assistant
emwebsite Enterprise Manager Website
ocm Change Manager Client
esm Security Manager Command Line Utility

Oracle Text

ctxsrv InterMedia
ctxkbtc InterMedia – Knowledge Base Extension Compiler
ctxload InterMedia – Thesaurus Loader


okdstry Delete Kerberos ticket
okinit New Kerberos ticket
oklist Check Kerberos ticket

Oracle Trace

otrccol Oracle trace collector
otrccref Oracle trace purge collect.dat file
otrcfmt Oracle trace format
otrcrep Oracle trace report
trcasst Trace Assistant Java application


dumpsga Dumps SGA contents
cursize Cursor Size Tool
mapsga Provides SGA map
maxmem Displays RAM stats
sysresv Shared Memory / Semaphores
tstshm Shared memory


csscan Character Set Scanner. Also see csminst.sql.
lmsgen converts text-based message files (.msg) into binary format (.msb) so that Oracle messages and OCI messages provided by the user can be returned to OCI functions in the desired language.
lxegen NLS Calendar
lxinst NLS Data Install


agtctl Heterogeneous Agent Control Utility
hsalloci Heterogeneous Agent
hsdepxa Heterogeneous Agent
hsodbc Heterogeneous Services ODBC
hsots Heterogeneous Services Oracle Transaction Service

Connection Manager

cmadmin Connection Manager Administrator
cmctl Connection Manager Control Utility
cmgw Connection Manager Gateway


oraxml XML Processor
oraxsl XSLT Processor
schema XML C Schema processor
transx Java oracle XML transx Loader
xml XML / XSL processing
xmlcg XML processing
xsql XSQL Pages


debugproxy Oracle JVM Debugging
deploync JAR file deployment
dropjava Drops java objects
jpub Publish Java classes
loadjava Loads java objects
ncomp Native Compiler (Java)
ojspc JSP Compiler
oracg Class Generator


genclntsh Generate shared client library for OCI, Pro*C and XA
loadpsp Loads pl/sql server pages

proc Pro*C
procob Pro*COBOL
procob18 Pro*COBOL
profor Pro*Fortran
rtsora COBOL Runtime System
statusnc Native Compilation Status
wrap PL/SQL encrypter


demobld Table Build for Oracle Developer demo
demodrop Table drop for Oracle Developer demo
extproc External Process Agent
extractlib Extract objects from a list of libraries
fmputl File mapping. See DBMS_STORAGE_MAP, file_mapping and FMON
fmputlhp File mapping
genagtsh Agent shared library generation
genksms Generate ksms.s to relocate SGA
gennfgt Generate list of native network libraries – nnfgt.o
genoccish Generate OCCI shared object
gensyslib Generate list of operating system libraries to be linked into executables. Output written to $ORACLE_HOME/lib/sysliblist
kgpmon Unknown
ociconv Convert OCI source from short (8.0.1) to long (8.0.2) function names
oradism Dynamic ISM
ott Object Type Translator
ott8 Object Type Translator
owm Oracle Wallet Manager
sbttest Performs a simple test of media management software by acting as a database server and attempting to communicate with the media manager. Used with Rman.
sqlj SQLJ
sqlldr SQLLoader
unzip Unzip utility
zip Zip Utility

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