Oracle Supplied scripts

bdemobld.sql Build Oracle data browser demonstration tables
build_db.sql Example database creation script
catalog.sql Create data dictionary and V$ views.
cataudit.sql Data dictionary views for auditing. (catnoaud.sql will remove)
catblock.sql Creates views that can dynamically display lock dependency graphs.
catclust.sql Create cluster database specific views definitions
caths.sql Installs packages for administering heterogeneous services.
catio.sql Collect I/O per table/object stats by statistical sampling. Creates a sample_io procedure and table to gather information.
After executing the procedure select * from io_per_object; to extract the required information.
catjava.sql Catalog scripts for JAVA
catjobq.sql Catalog views for the job queue
catjvm.sql create USER | ALL | DBA_JAVA_* views
catldap.sql Catalog for LDAP PL/SQL API
catldr.sql Views for the direct path of the loader
catlsby.sql Logical Standby tables and views
catpart.sql Creates data dictionary views for the partitioning table. (catnoprt.sql will remove)
catoctk.sql Catalog – Oracle Cryptographic ToolKit
catol.sql Outline views and synonyms
catparr.sql Parallel-Server specific views, performance queries, etc
catpatch.sql Script to apply Catalog patch set
catpitr.sql Tablespace point in time specific views
catplug.sql Pluggable tablespace check views
catprc.sql Creates data dictionary views for types, stored procedures, and triggers.
catproc.sql Run all sql scripts for the procedural option
catqm.sql Creates the tables and views needed to run the XDB system
catqueue.sql Creates the dictionary objects required for Advanced Queuing.
catrep.sql Runs all SQL scripts for enabling database replication.
catrepc.sql Repcat tables, views, and sequences
catrepm.sql Catalog script for master replication packages
catrepr.sql Catalog replication remove
catreps.sql Installs PL/SQL packages for snapshot functionality.
catrls.sql Catalog views for Row Level Security
catrm.sql Packages for the DBMS Resource Manager
catrman.sql Creates recovery manager tables and views (schema) to establish an external recovery catalog for the backup, restore, and recovery functionality provided by the Recovery Manager (RMAN) utility.
catrpc.sql RPC procedural option
catrule.sql Rules catalog creation
catsnap.sql Data dictionary views for snapshots
catsnmp.sql Creates an SNMPAgent role
catspace.sql Catalog space management (remove with catspaced.sql)
catsum.sql Data dictionary views for summary management
catsvrmg.sql Create the views and tables required for server manager
catupgrd.sql CATalog UPGraDe to the new release. New in 10g
csminst.sql Create tables for database character set migration utility
dbmsalrt.sql Blocking implementation of DBMS “alerts”
dbmsiotc.sql Analyzes chained rows in index-organized tables.
dbmssupp.sql Creates DBMS_SUPPORT
dbmspool.sql Enables DBA to lock PL/SQL packages, SQL statements, and triggers into the shared pool.
dbmsapin.pls DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO package spec for applications.
nothing.sql Does nothing
migrate.bsq Script for the migration utility
scott.sql Create scott/tiger sample data (utlsampl.sql)
spauto.sql SQLPLUS collection of STATSPACK statistics
spcpkg.sql SQLPLUS command file to create statistics package
spcreate.sql Creates the STATSPACK user
spctab.sql STATSPACK tables
spcusr.sql User for the STATSPACK database objects.
spdoc.txt STATSPACK documentation
spdrop.sql Drop STATSPACK user
spdtab.sql Drop STATSPACK tables
spdusr.sql Drop user which contains the STATSPACK database objects.
sppurge.sql STATSPACK Purge
sprepins.sql STATSPACK Report Instance
spreport.sql STATSPACK report for current instance
sprepsql.sql SQL report to show resource usage, SQL Text and any SQL Plans
sptrunc.sql STATSPACK – Truncate tables
spuexp.par Export parameter file used to export the whole STATSPACK user.
userlock.sql Provides a facility for user-named locks that can be used in a local or clustered environment to aid in sequencing application actions.
utlbstat.sql Gather start statistics
utlchain.sql Table for the analyze list chained rows
utlconst.sql Script to check for valid date constraints.
utldtree.sql Show objects recursively (deptree.sql)
utlexpt1.sql For use with Oracle9i. Creates the default table (EXCEPTIONS) for storing exceptions from enabling constraints. Can handle both physical and logical rowids.
utledtol.sql Outline editing utility file
utlenc.sql PL/SQL Package for ENCODE (UTL_ENCODE)
utlestat.sql Gather ending statistics
utlexcpt.sql Create EXCEPTIONS table (except.sql)
utlfile.sql Routines to perform File I/O
utlgdk.sql Routines for Globalization
utlhttp.sql HTTP requests from stored programs
utlinad.sql Routines to perform Internet address resolution.
utlincmp.sql Check for incompatible objects before a downgrade
utlip.sql Used primarily for upgrade and downgrade operations. It invalidates all existing PL/SQL modules by altering certain dictionary tables so that subsequent recompilations will occur in the format required by the database. It also reloads the packages STANDARD and DBMS_STANDARD, which are necessary for any PL/SQL compilations.
utlirp.sql Used to change from 32-bit to 64-bit word size or vice versa. This script recompiles existing PL/SQL modules in the format required by the new database. It first alters some data dictionary tables. Then it reloads the packages STANDARD and DBMS_STANDARD, which are necessary for using PL/SQL. Finally, it triggers a recompilation of all PL/SQL modules, such as packages, procedures, and types.
utljavarm.sql Remove all java objects
utllockt.sql Displays a lock wait-for graph, in tree structure format. See DBA_BLOCKERS and V$LOCK
utlpwdmg.sql Script for default password resource limits
utlraw.sql Routines to manipulate raws.
utlrcmp.sql Dependency-based recompilation in parallel.
utlrp.sql Utility script recompile invalid PL/SQL modules. $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/utlrp.sql
utlsampl.sql Create scott/tiger sample data (scott.sql)
utlscln.sql Copies a snapshot schema from another snapshot site.
utlsmtp.sql PL/SQL Package for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
utltcp.sql PL/SQL Package for TCP/IP communication
utltkprf.sql Grant public access to all views used by TKPROF
utlurl.sql PL/SQL package to escape/unescape URLs.
utlvalid.sql Table for analyze validate (partitioned tables)
utlxmv.sql Utility for explain MView
utlxplan.sql Create table PLAN_TABLE and EXPLAIN PLAN
utlxplp.sql Utility explain parallel plans. See EXPLAIN PLAN
utlxpls.sql Utility explain serial plans. See EXPLAIN PLAN
utlxrw.sql Create the output table for DBMS_MVIEW.EXPLAIN_REWRITE

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