Check table aud$ before 10g upgrade

Check table aud$ before 10g upgrade

Usually, it will take around 2 hour to finish the 10g upgrade from 9i, but this time, it took me more than 4 hours, that was amazing!

During the upgrade, I found the the EVENT: ‘db file scattered read’ from v$session_wait, and Oracle was updating table ‘aud$’:

WHERE ntimestamp# IS NULL

I enabled auditing on this 9i database, which generated 2GB size of table aud$, and you may know that Oracle 10g adds many new features for auditing(you may check the table definition of aud$ between 9i and 10g), so it will also update table aud$ during the 10g upgrade.

So, you can backup table aud$ and then truncate it directly before 10g upgrade. this will speed up the upgrade.

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