Rename/Purge listener logfile

The listener log file can grow over time and archive the listener log file one can’t move the file and create a new file using touch as the listener has a open/active file handle to log file causes the listener to no longer update the log file. So work around this issue one would need to do the following steps to rename the file.

# change directory to location where the listener log file resides
$ cd $ORACLE_HOME/network/log
lsnrctl set log_status off
mv listener.log listener.log.old
lsnrctl set log_status on

To purge the listener log file without restarting the listener
$ cd $ORACLE_HOME/network/log
$ echo “” > listener.log

Redirection on unix

Redirection on unix

Redirecting stdout and stderr
ls > file – redirect output to file
ls 2> filename – redirect error to file named filename
ls 2>&1 file – redirect error to where output is going to file named file
ls 1>&2 file – redirect stdout to stderr to file named file
ls > file 2> err – redirect output to file and error to file named err
exec 2> std.err – Redirect all error messages to file named std.err