SCRIPT: what is the session doing

–‘alter system kill session ”’|| s.SID||’,’ || s.serial# ||”” ,
–‘kill -9 ‘ || p.spid,
p.SPID UnixProcess ,s.SID,s.serial#,
,s.program, cpu_time,fetches,
executions,child_latch,event,sql_text,COMMAND_TYPE,,to_char(sbc.last_captured,’yyyy-mm-dd hh24:mi:ss’),
from v$session s
join v$process p on p.ADDR = s.PADDR — and p.SID in (27817)
left outer join v$sqlarea sa on sa.ADDRESS = s.SQL_ADDRESS
left outer join V$SQL_BIND_CAPTURE sbc on sbc.ADDRESS = s.SQL_ADDRESS
where 1=1
–and s.program like ‘imp%’
–and s.username =’SIEBEL’
–AND p.SPID in (15179,8304)
–and s.SID in (1019)

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