Index information

–show index information. showDex.sql
set linesize 150
col owner for a10
col index_name for a25
col table_name for a20 hea TNAME
col table_owner for a10 hea TOWNER
col compression for a3 trunc hea CMP
col index_type for a10 trunc
col degree for a6
col ANLYZED for a7 trunc
col STATUS for a3 trunc hea STS
col ini_trans for 999 hea ITR
col max_trans for 999 hea MTR
col num_rows for 9999999 hea ROWS
col tablespace_name for a10 hea TBNAME
select owner,index_name,index_type,STATUS,INI_TRANS,MAX_TRANS,COMPRESSION,degree,TABLESPACE_NAME,num_rows,
to_char(LAST_ANALYZED, ‘DDMonYY’) ANLYZED,table_owner,table_name from DBA_INDEXES where owner in

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