refresh information in dbms_space.asa_recommendations()

You need to analyze object you reorganized and then check parameters of this function to see that default it uses all (it means also old) runs of auto space advisor:

SELECT segment_name,
round(allocated_space/1024/1024,1) alloc_mb,
round( used_space/1024/1024, 1 ) used_mb,
round( reclaimable_space/1024/1024) reclaim_mb,
round(reclaimable_space/allocated_space*100,0) pctsave,
recommendations ,
re.task_id, ta.execution_end
FROM TABLE(dbms_space.asa_recommendations()) re, dba_advisor_tasks ta
Where ta.task_id=re.task_id

so use dbms_space.asa_recommendations(‘FALSE’,’FALSE’,’FALSE’)
to see latest.

you can also manually invoke the run of advisor by submitting of DB job (under a SYSDBA account):

v_Job Integer;
‘Begin dbms_scheduler.run_job(”AUTO_SPACE_ADVISOR_JOB”); End;’ );

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