Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR) : 11g

ADR is a single directory location for all error and trace data in the database. It replaces the traditional diagnostic directories such as bdump, cdump, and udump. ADR location is controlled by the new initialization parameter DIAGNOSTIC_DEST. Oracle recommends you choose the same ADR base for all Oracle products.

SAP : The OPS$ Mechanism Under UNIX

For the database, the SAP System is a single user, SAPR3 / SAP, whose password is stored in the table SAPUSER.
Therefore, to access the database, the SAP System uses a mechanism called the OPS$ mechanism, which works as follows:

1. When the system accesses the database, it first logs on to the database as the user OPS$, for example, OPS$adm. (The OPS$ user that corresponds to the operating system user must be defined in the database and identified as externally.)

2. It retrieves the password for SAPR3from the SAPUSER table.

3. It then logs on to the database as the user SAPR3.