11g: New Components

Following are new components which are available when installing Oracle 11g:

Oracle Application Express (APEX): APEX is a rapid application development tool for developing database centric web-based applications. In Oracle 11g, it is highly enhanced and available in the Oracle database CD.

Oracle SQL Developer: Oracle SQL Developer is a graphical tool for examining database objects and issuing SQL commands. It is automatically installed, if you create a template-based database.

Oracle Real Application Testing: Oracle Real Application Testing option is automatically installed with the Enterprise Edition installation. This option includes two solutions to test the effect of the system changes on the real-world applications: Database Reply and SQL Performance Analyzer. Both of those solutions will be discussed in later sections.

o Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM): OCM is an optional component and it collects information about software configuration in the Oracle home directories and uploads it to the Oracle configuration repository.

o Oracle Warehouse Builder: it is a business intelligence (BI) design tool and is automatically installed as part of the Oracle database software.

o Oracle Database Vault: Oracle Database Vault component enables you to secure business data even from DBAs. In Oracle 11g, it is a component available during installation and to install it, you must select the Custom installation option.

o Oracle Shadow Copy Service: When you install Oracle 11g on Windows 2003 servers, a service named as Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) is installed. This service is an infrastructure that enables the users to create snapshots called shadow copies.

Database Files layout

Recommendation to store the files of the
database system on different physical disks. In this example, the control file
is mirrored twice:



Contents of



Online redo log
files from the first and third group (Set A)



Online redo log
files from the second and fourth group (Set B)



Mirrored online
redo log files from the first and third group (Set A)



Mirrored online
redo log files from the second and fourth group (Set B)



Database files,
mirror of the control file



Database files,
mirror of the control file



Other database
files in sapdata3 up to
sapdata<n>, each on separate disks when

For performance reasons, it is recommended to distribute the online redo log groups to four disks