11g: New Components

Following are new components which are available when installing Oracle 11g:

Oracle Application Express (APEX): APEX is a rapid application development tool for developing database centric web-based applications. In Oracle 11g, it is highly enhanced and available in the Oracle database CD.

Oracle SQL Developer: Oracle SQL Developer is a graphical tool for examining database objects and issuing SQL commands. It is automatically installed, if you create a template-based database.

Oracle Real Application Testing: Oracle Real Application Testing option is automatically installed with the Enterprise Edition installation. This option includes two solutions to test the effect of the system changes on the real-world applications: Database Reply and SQL Performance Analyzer. Both of those solutions will be discussed in later sections.

o Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM): OCM is an optional component and it collects information about software configuration in the Oracle home directories and uploads it to the Oracle configuration repository.

o Oracle Warehouse Builder: it is a business intelligence (BI) design tool and is automatically installed as part of the Oracle database software.

o Oracle Database Vault: Oracle Database Vault component enables you to secure business data even from DBAs. In Oracle 11g, it is a component available during installation and to install it, you must select the Custom installation option.

o Oracle Shadow Copy Service: When you install Oracle 11g on Windows 2003 servers, a service named as Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) is installed. This service is an infrastructure that enables the users to create snapshots called shadow copies.

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